The perfect short break – Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island the Ultimate Winter Holiday The Arch Big Slope

The Border Mail describes Lord Howe Island as the ultimate short break, in a recent article.

Sheriden Rhodes describes the Dash 8 approach to the landing strip, “we made our final approach, the water surrounding this stunning grouping of volcanic pinnacles resembled a liquid abstract painting, turning from the deepest blue to aquamarine and then to a turquoise so clear you could easily make out the world’s most southern coral reef beneath”. The visual impact of seeing Lord Howe Island for the first time captured her imagination and heart, “I was already planning my trip back before our Qantas Dash-8 had even touched down”.

Sheriden covers her 4 day adventure in the article, highlighting Arajilla Retreat as the place to stay on the island during your stay.

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