Plum Places Pacific Paradise

Author Bart de Vries opens his Lord Howe Island Holiday article, in the popular online lifestyle magazine Plum Places, “If paradise exists, Lord Howe Island features high on the list of potential candidates”.

As a traveling aficionado and author, Bart brings up some really good points in the opening paragraphs of the article. Pointing out the fact that many travelers are drawn to locations in Australia like the Great Barrier Reef, but diving and snorkeling are problematic in these places with stingers. Where as Lord Howe Island has no stingers, being the southern most coral reef in the world, and has many species of fish and ocean life that swim in prime snorkeling, diving and swimming locations around the reefs of Lord Howe Island.

He continues with his group hike / climb of Mt Gower to amazing views, that even though partially cloud covered were “were wide and far and deep”.

Their lodgings were none other than our very own Arajilla Luxury Retreat, with “rather spacious rooms with all mod cons”. Describing our restaurant as “one of the best places to eat on the island”.

Bart concludes his reflection on paradise “If the urban delights of Sydney wouldn’t have been calling us, we could have stayed”

Bart’s article can be viewed at, and book with us on our Lord Howe Island website.

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