Admiralty Islands

By August 27, 2016Lord Howe Island

Only 15 minutes by tour boat boat from Lord Howe Island rests an mysterious group of small volcanic rock formations, named Admiralty Islands. pinnacles of rock, coral reefs, schools of deep ocean going fish and scuba diving depths of 15-40 meters are what the small outcrop.

Divers excited by crystal clear diving are attracted to this unique area for it’s special diving qualities. There are around 25 dive main sites situated around the reefs and volcanic rocks, and are considered some of Australia’s best diving locations.

Locations in the group include: Noddy Island, Rupert’s Reef, Sugarloaf Island, Tenth of June Bombora, Tenth of June Deep, Flat Rock and North Rock. These are just some of the scuba diving locations that make Admiralty Islands a diving paradise.

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