2016-2017 Lord Howe Island Photography Competition

By January 2, 2017Lord Howe Island

The end of 2016 has seen an awakening of the photographic artistry of Lord Howe Islands locals, including a number of Lord Howe photographic aficionado’s from the main land.

The winner of the competition was “White Tern” by Mandy Creighton, as noted by the judges “beautifully shot” and “hard to find any fault”.

“Ice Cream” was the peoples choice photo, with obvious WOW factor, with amazing colours, and the island framed up at night with an incredible night sky.

The photos speak for themselves.

White Tern


#2 Mick-Fanning_ #3 Island-Trader #12 IMG_5324 Curious Sooty Tern #26 Flying-Fish #35 161112 #36 nrth-bay #39 IMG_0231 lordhowe_island_photography_competition01 lordhowe_island_photography_competition03

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