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Lord Howe Island Tours and Services

Wilson’s Island Bike Hire

The perfect, and most peaceful way to see Lord Howe Island is on one of Wilson’ bikes

We have the biggest bike range at the most cost effective travel prices on the island and we pride ourselves on our service tranquil, Eco friendly means of island transport.

If cycling is not your preferred means of transport our rental cars – late model 4-door automatics – are excellent value.

Snorkeling equipment is also available for the underwater enthusiasts.

You can book ahead – definitely advisable during school holidays and for cars all year round – or just call in and see us once you arrive. We look forward to seeing you.

“Quality you can trust, service you can rely on, and prices you can afford.”

Pricing is as follows:


All inclusive – $65/day + fuel


One day all $12.00
Geared (2+ days) $9 day
Week $55 ($5 additional days)
Kids Bikes $5 day $30 Week


$4 half day
$6 day
$4 day (2+ days)
$25 week

Contacts Wilson’s Bike Hire:PO Box 64
Lord Howe Island 2898
Phone: +61 2 6563 2045
Email: [email protected]

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