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The Lord Howe Island Trader

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A lot of the islander’s lead a semi self sufficient lifestyle, but supplies still need to be shipped to the island on a regular basis from mainland Australia. The island’s life line is the LHI Trader. Here’s some amazing drone footage of the Lord Howe main Jetty and the LHI Trader docked. Note the water clarity.

Admiralty Islands

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Only 15 minutes by tour boat boat from Lord Howe Island rests an mysterious group of small volcanic rock formations, named Admiralty Islands. pinnacles of rock, coral reefs, schools of deep ocean going fish and scuba diving depths of 15-40 meters are what the small outcrop.

Divers excited by crystal clear diving are attracted to this unique area for it’s special diving qualities. There are around 25 dive main sites situated around the reefs and volcanic rocks, and are considered some of Australia’s best diving locations.

Locations in the group include: Noddy Island, Rupert’s Reef, Sugarloaf Island, Tenth of June Bombora, Tenth of June Deep, Flat Rock and North Rock. These are just some of the scuba diving locations that make Admiralty Islands a diving paradise.

Include a stay Arajilla Retreat for the perfect dive holiday. Finish off a day time dive trip with an amazing sea food dinner by Arajilla’s world class chefs.

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Malabar Hill

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Malabar Hill is one of the best locations for birds lovers, with many species of Ocean going migrating birds between September and May.

The stunning cliffs, which drop breathtakingly into the Pacific ocean, are the location to the world’s largest nesting ground for the Red-tailed Tropicbirds. Located to the island’s north, Malabar Hill has some of the best views of Lord Howe’s south end and is a highlight location to your Lord Howe Island visit. The hike to the top of the hill takes 2 hours through Kentia Palms.

Malabar hill hike, is just 15 minutes from Arajilla Retreat.


Exclusive Webjet Lord Howe Island Special

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For all you mainland dwellers looking for a little adventure in a paradise a hope skip and a Webjet jump away from home. Then Webjet have the most amazing solution for you.

Travel now, pay later. 12 months Interest Free available on all packages.

3 or 5 nights at 5 star accommodation Arajilla Retreat Lord Howe Island with transfers, breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, pre-dinner drinks, bottle of wine with cheese and more. LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Exclusives Bonuses Include

  • Accommodation in a Kentia Suite for 2 people
  • Return airport transfers
  • Gourmet a la carte breakfast daily
  • Daily gourmet light lunch
  • Daily three-course dinner
  • Canapés and pre-dinner drinks nightly
  • A bottle of wine and cheese platter on arrival
  • Christmas & New Year travel available

Hurry this is a limited offer, so jump on it, and see you in paradise.

Visit Webjet to make a booking here.

Old Settlement Beach

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Weather shaped gnarled sandstone rocks are scattered by ancient geological events across the tiny and very private Old Settlement Beach.

Located to the north of Lord Howe Island. The beach is a great place to unwind in privacy and blissful relaxation, as you enjoy the amazing mountain views, crystal clear waters, all the while enjoying our perfect sub tropical weather.

The beach is a post card of total perfection. Ideal for a romantic picnic, and a refresh swim. It also has, like many other ocean locations on the island, world class snorkeling, and abundant sea life.

Finish the day with a romantic dinner for two at Arajilla’s world class restaurant.


Lord Howe Island Tours and Services

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Blue Billie Fishing

Blue Billie Fishing Charters a 6.82m Custom Spacecraft for your open water Lord Howe Island fishing experience.

Join 5th generation Islander and Bounty descendant Wesley Young runs this amazing fishing and island adventure. With open oceans views back to the island, enjoy some of the best deep sea fishing in the world. Being the remains of an ancient volcano, the island has substantial deep sea drop offs that attract a large variety of deep sea fish.

Catering for small personalised fishing groups

  • Fishing: 2-4 people
  • Half day fishing (4hrs)
  • Full day fishing/Balls pyramid (7hrs)
  • Scenic / Round Island: 3-7 people
  • Round Island: (2.5hrs)
  • Scenic Balls Pyramid/Bird Watching (3hrs)

All fishing and scenic tours operate Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday only and of course are weather permitting.


Phone: +61 2 6563 2305
Email: [email protected]

View Blue Billie Fishing Charters Lord Howe Island at: Blue Billie Fishing

Plum Places Pacific Paradise

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Author Bart de Vries opens his Lord Howe Island Holiday article, in the popular online lifestyle magazine Plum Places, “If paradise exists, Lord Howe Island features high on the list of potential candidates”.

As a traveling aficionado and author, Bart brings up some really good points in the opening paragraphs of the article. Pointing out the fact that many travelers are drawn to locations in Australia like the Great Barrier Reef, but diving and snorkeling are problematic in these places with stingers. Where as Lord Howe Island has no stingers, being the southern most coral reef in the world, and has many species of fish and ocean life that swim in prime snorkeling, diving and swimming locations around the reefs of Lord Howe Island.

He continues with his group hike / climb of Mt Gower to amazing views, that even though partially cloud covered were “were wide and far and deep”.

Their lodgings were none other than our very own Arajilla Luxury Retreat, with “rather spacious rooms with all mod cons”. Describing our restaurant as “one of the best places to eat on the island”.

Bart concludes his reflection on paradise “If the urban delights of Sydney wouldn’t have been calling us, we could have stayed”

Bart’s article can be viewed at, and book with us on our Lord Howe Island website.

Balls Pyramid – Lord Howe’s Towering Southern Sister

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Appearing through the early morning mist and rising sun, one can’t help but see Lord Howe Island’s spectacular nearest neighbour, the towering Balls Pyramid.

Ball’s Pyramid is the eroded remains of a caldera volcano that formed about 6.4 million years ago. It is located 20 kilometers southeast of the main island. It is a towering and surreal 562 meters high, and measuring only 1,100 meters in length, and 300 meters across the base. It has the haunting appearance of a blade or fin rising from the oceans depths.

The towering volcanic peak of Balls Pyramid was named after Henry Lidgbird Ball which was first sighted in 1788, at the same time Lord Howe Island was discovered by HMS Supply, and the first fleet.

Balls Pyramid is part of an extended Lord Howe Island Marine Park. Climbing the pyramid was banned after 1982, making it a unique island reserve for birds, and the very rare Dryococelus australis, which is the only place on earth where this unique species resides.

Boat trips are available around Balls Pyramid, and this is a fantastic way to take in the towering majesty of this incredible oceanic mountain marvel.

The depth of the ocean around Balls Pyramid makes it a fantastic deep sea fishing location, with many species of fish and ocean life frequenting the deep sea currents around the pyramid.

Lord Howe Island is the perfect place for an oceanic adventure or fishing trip. With such unique locations as Balls Pyramid in close proximity to Lord Howe, one doesn’t have to venture to far away for varied options and amazing experiences.

Book accommodation with Arajilla Retreat, and talk to our staff about boat and fishing trips around Balls Pyramid.

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Top 5 best Lord Howe activities – Trip Advisor’s

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When Trip Adivisor ranks locations, and activities they are based on valuable guest and travelers feedback. So when they put together a top 10 activities on Lord Howe Island, we should all take a look.

A common misconception is that Lord Howe Island is a laid back, relaxing, and quiet holiday location. It can be, but the reality is Lord Howe Island is an amazing adventure and activities based holiday location.

Trip Advisor gives the top 10 activities as follows:

1. Ned’s Beach: amazing swimming, snorkeling, diving with the most stunning crystal clear waters. Ned’s beach has an abundant array of oceanic wildlife where ever you look. From fish feeding close to shore, or oceanic turtles, no matter where you go you are surrounded by vistas of life and nature that can be seen no where else on the planet. Truly a unique experience.

2. Lord Howe Island walking trails: From the Kentia palm subtropical rain forests, to the summit of Mt Gower, Lord Howe has walking trails for the beginner to the advanced hiker. At the elevated levels of Mt Gower are views of an island paradise that would make Robinson Crusoe jealous .

3. Lagoon beach: With similar wildlife habitation as Ned’s beach, but with the safety of being surrounded by a calm and blissful lagoon, Lagoon beach is the perfect location for a quiet day for the family. Lagoon beach is also a short step from all the major accommodation providers, including Arajilla, and Blue Peter Beach House.

4. Mount Gower: A challenging walk / climb, but well worth it for one of the most stunning mountain to ocean vistas you will ever see. With a clear day, you will see the crystal clear water lapping against the pristine shores of our beautiful island paradises.

5. Lord Howe Island Museum: Explore the fascinating history of Lord Howe Island, with it’s unique wildlife, found only on the island, to the local population since it’s discovery, and how they have kept this pristine location as a very rare gem of ecological refuge.

The perfect short break – Lord Howe Island

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Lord Howe Island the Ultimate Winter Holiday The Arch Big Slope

The Border Mail describes Lord Howe Island as the ultimate short break, in a recent article.

Sheriden Rhodes describes the Dash 8 approach to the landing strip, “we made our final approach, the water surrounding this stunning grouping of volcanic pinnacles resembled a liquid abstract painting, turning from the deepest blue to aquamarine and then to a turquoise so clear you could easily make out the world’s most southern coral reef beneath”. The visual impact of seeing Lord Howe Island for the first time captured her imagination and heart, “I was already planning my trip back before our Qantas Dash-8 had even touched down”.

Sheriden covers her 4 day adventure in the article, highlighting Arajilla Retreat as the place to stay on the island during your stay.