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Lord Howe Island

Find a last minute summer holiday

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A busy year, and people being people we procrastinate. Leaving that sacred yearly family right of having a perfect summer holiday to the wind. Fear not, for right at your doorstep is one of the worlds premier summer holiday destinations.

The funny thing is it’s not commonly known. It’s like there’s an inner circle with a secret knowledge of where the perfect holiday is, and those in the know keep that knowledge with a smile and a cheeky wink.

It’s not in the Greek Islands, the Caribbean, Bora Bora … It’s sits in crystal clear ocean 600 Kilometers of Australia’s Port Macquarie. Arguably one of the most beautiful places on earth… Lord Howe Island.

This post is all about last minute summer holiday options, and this is where we let the cat out of the bag. Lord Howe Island is not that commonly known amongst the average Australian, let alone foreign exotic location travelers. As a result it doesn’t have the crazy rushes and crowds, with the frustrations, the waiting that the more popular locations are vexed with. Instead here we have a location that is simply perfect bliss, combined with stunning vistas at every vantage point around the island, and guess what … no crowds.

What are you waiting for? From leaving the family holiday to a last minute thought, it will now become the most amazing family holiday you’ve ever had. You’ll find yourself, when asked, giving that knowing smile and cheeky wink that the insiders have known all along, that Lord Howe Island is the perfect holiday location.

Book accommodation with Arajilla Retreat, and talk to their staff about boat and fishing trips, scuba diving and numerous other activities that will make this a summer holiday to remember.


HMS Supply – Lord Howe Island Discovered

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HMS Supply was the ship which Governor Phillip used to sail to Australia in 1788, as part of the First Fleet. HMS Supply has a unique place in Australian history, and plays a special part in our Lord Howe Island history as well.

HMS Supply was designed in 1759 by shipwright Thomas Slade, as a yard craft for the ferrying of naval supplies. Supply was built out Rotherhithe, a then ship building area on the out skirts of London.

HMS Supply was a 70 ft brig rigged sloop of 170 tons and the fastest in the First Fleet, which wasn’t saying much. In terms of size it was about 1/3rd the size of the Manly Ferry.

On the way to Norfolk Island in 1788, to keep the French off, it was the vessel which discovered Lord Howe Island, and a lot of the Island is named after the master of the ship Lt Henry Lidgbird Ball. For a time the Supply was the only ship in the colony of NSW when ships were the only means of transport and communication.

The above painting of HMS Supply was painted by famous Australian marine artist Frank Allen.

For more history on Lord Howe Island, visit our Lord Howe Island Museum, to find more about our fascinating history.

2016-2017 Lord Howe Island Photography Competition

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The end of 2016 has seen an awakening of the photographic artistry of Lord Howe Islands locals, including a number of Lord Howe photographic aficionado’s from the main land.

The winner of the competition was “White Tern” by Mandy Creighton, as noted by the judges “beautifully shot” and “hard to find any fault”.

“Ice Cream” was the peoples choice photo, with obvious WOW factor, with amazing colours, and the island framed up at night with an incredible night sky.

The photos speak for themselves.

White Tern


#2 Mick-Fanning_ #3 Island-Trader #12 IMG_5324 Curious Sooty Tern #26 Flying-Fish #35 161112 #36 nrth-bay #39 IMG_0231 lordhowe_island_photography_competition01 lordhowe_island_photography_competition03

An Artists Rapture

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Lord Howe Island is one of the places that fits almost anyone’s, or any families activity requirements. Whether that’s doing absolutely nothing under kentia palms, with a gentle ocean breeze making you feel like king or queen for the day, or Scuba diving some of the most amazing dive spots on this planet. Simply put Lord Howe has everyone’s individual needs covered.

That being said, there’s a unique group that is attracted to Lord Howe Island, and they keep coming back to satisfy the craving that is specific to their individual requirements, and that is the artist.

Lord Howe Island has been an artists paradise since it was discovered. With simple sketches made by first fleet sailors, to world renowned National Geographic photographers, famous Australian painters, even international documentary film makers, the list is long and prestigious.

The subject of the artist, the island itself, has had a way of captivating the soul, and leaves a wanting for the beauty of nature and the aesthetics around us. It draws the viewer back time and time again, with a window into perfection.

The locals of Lord Howe Island are no exception to the enchanted artists that visit the island. The island has a way of making one want to express, or capture the beauty that is seen daily. Hence we have as an island community produced some amazing artists, with works that stand on their own as world class.

A perfect example of an island artist who’s work has become so refined that currently would stand side by side with some of the best nature photographers on earth. With an eye for composition, and a time refined understanding of the subtle nuances of natures own heavenly lighting system Ken Lees, has become one of Lord Howe Island’s premier artists. His understanding of the island as a subject, has seen him explore Lord Howe with unyielding tenacity from every vantage point, under all weather conditions, seasonal changes, and of course the natural inhabitants different migratory states.

With a skill set that is on par with high level international photographers, and an intimate knowledge of the island that escapes the casual visitor, Ken is in a unique position to frame and present the majesty of this alluring island as the ultimate artists destination.

Book accommodation with Arajilla Retreat, and talk to their staff about tours and locations. Or even better, talk to Ken himself, as he is one Arajilla’s friendly faces, and part of a very talented island family.

Keep an eye on this spot. Exciting things coming in the near future, for lovers of art, and our favourite location on earth Lord Howe Island.

Twisted tree mount-gower-lord-howe05 curio-point-lord-howe-island mount-gower-lord-howe-island Reflections After the rain Erskine Valley Jim's pointMt Gower's Mist Forest Mist Forest Mt Gower's mist forest The Saddle Razorback

Explore Ned’s Beach

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One of the amazing things about Lord Howe Island Beaches, is the fact they aren’t just beaches, they are easily accessible marine reserves, with multitudes of marine life right up to the shores. Neds beach is one of the premier beach locations to see ocean life in it’s natural abundance.

The water crystal clear brilliance, with fish coming in as close as knee deep to feed and watch. Fish that frequent the close proximity of the shore and can be feed by hand are Kingfish, Wrasse, Silver-drummer, Garfish, Spangled Emperor and Mullet.

Located on the North Eastern side of the Island, it’s an ideal place for a family day out. The golden silica sand the very safe and calm waters are perfect for young children. Family snorkeling is a must with water visibility some of the best in the world.

Neds beach is a short bike ride from Arajilla Retreat, and is the perfect home away from home while staying on the island.

lord-howe-snorkeling01 lord-howe-snorkeling03 lord-howe-snorkeling02

Erscott’s Hole

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With 500 ocean going and lagoon fish species and 90 types of southern coral species, making Lord Howe island some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world. Surrounded by deep ocean currents, and a population that are environmentally aware makes Lord Howe Island a very unique and crystal clear aquatic experience.

Erscott’s Hole is a kaleidoscopic palace of vibrant coral species and is an experience never forgotten. Snorkelers can get close to fish that are almost tame with the constant flux of human presence. Even deep ocean migrating turtles can be see along with the amazing spectrum fish.